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Ocean Animal Images – By Sarah the Printmaker

Such amazing animals live in the ocean…









Artwork is available as Originals, Reproduction Prints, and Blank Greeting Cards.


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Duluth, Minnesota – by Sarah the Printmaker

In addition to a wide selection of greeting cards, I also sell simple giclee reproductions of my original art.

Before moving to Montana, I lived in Duluth, Minnesota for many years.

Here’s to you!

Duluth Lift Bridge Simple Giclee

Duluth Lift Bridge Simple Giclee


Lake Superior Simple Giclee


Lake Superior Map Simple Giclee

Lake Superior Map Simple Giclee

All Simple Giclee 8″X10″ Reproduction Prints available for $35 at http://www.sarahangst.com.

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The Beauty of Yellowstone National Park – by Sarah the Printmaker

old faithful

Old Faithful



evening drink

Evening Drink

thermal pools

Thermal Pools


Brilliant Bison

See More! www.sarahangst.com



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Sarah Angst Cards: June 2014 Newsletter (& Discount Code!)

We’re Growing!
As a Family & a Business…
What a busy year! After a 6+ year endeavor, my husband Tim & I gave birth to our first child Hayden Henry on October 13, 2013. Now eight months old, he is a very happy, healthy, & SMILEY boy… who loves to help with the business…

Hayden helping

In order to spend more time with my favorite little man, I have hired a couple assistants: Ann Wilbert is my new bookkeeping pro (as well as a very talented Lampwork Glass Artist) and Christine Stoppa is my new part time Sales & Marketing Director. Both live here in the Bozeman Area and have been a great help, keeping the business running smoothly during this time of “transition”.

As Spring turns into Summer, I am busy working away on some new prints & products… but also hope to leave some time for outdoor adventures in our vintage camper!

Thank you all so much for your continued interest in my artwork… and I always welcome questions, comments, or ideas!

Enjoy the Summer ~ Sarah

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Visit www.sarahangst.com today!

NEW! – Visa & MasterCard are now accepted in addition to Paypal on our retail website.

*Use Discount Code SUMMER2014 on your next order and receive $10 off any order of $40 or more. Code Valid Through 8/30/14*

New Cards (2)

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Sarah Angst Fine Artist & Printmaker: The Business

My love of printmaking became a business when we moved to Montana 7 years ago. We had a little financial cushion from selling our house in Duluth, so it seemed like the perfect time to go for it and try to live my dream as a professional artist. I started by building up a body of work and taking it to art fairs across the country. The public response to my linocuts was great, and my dream became a reality.

For 3 years I showed my work at about 20 art fairs per year. It was busy and labor intensive, with lots of traveling. I enjoyed many aspects of art fairs, but they were exhausting and it was hard to be on the road by myself so much. Plus my husband and I wanted to start a family and I knew I couldn’t be on the show circuit on my own with a baby.

Booth 2 (2)

In addition to my original block prints, I began making giclee reproductions, jewelry, and greeting cards showcasing my block printed imagery. I decided to start wholesaling these products to stores, and got my work into a few more galleries. I was also given the opportunity to license one of my images to a greeting card company called “Artists To Watch”. In one year, they sold over 27,000 of that one card featuring my image. I only made about $0.04 a card in royalties, but it was nice to make an extra thousand bucks, and it got me thinking about the greeting card business and how I could possibly profit from it more myself.


I had always been reluctant to bring and sell greeting cards at art fairs. I wanted customers to buy my more expensive originals or reproductions instead of a $3.00 card. But I realized I always bought other artist’s cards as affordable souvenirs, and that they are a great way for people to collect artists’ work and information. That is when I started thinking more seriously about expanding my business. Perhaps if I mass produced my own line of greeting cards and sold them wholesale I could make a little more than $0.04 and we could see what happens.


So that is how Sarah Angst Cards came to be two and a half years ago. It is still in its infancy, but my greeting cards are in about 350 stores, and I am hopeful that my business will continue to grow and evolve. I now have a baby boy named Hayden as well, so it is wonderful to be able to be with him most days, and making income from home instead of on the road.

Hartley Wants to Play Ball 3 (2)

I am so thankful for all the support I have received over the years. I am forever grateful to all those who buy, sell, send, and save my cards.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Sarah the Printmaker: The VERY Beginning

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to create things. I remember when I was 6-years-old I invented a blanket that folded up to become a pillow. I was convinced that this was the next must have item for every household. As a young teen I began producing and selling papier maché covered keepsake boxes that I meticulously cut out of cardboard and assembled at the dining room table. Later, just before college, I had moved onto clothing. I sewed and sold funky bib-overalls using all kinds of unique and colorful upholstery fabrics and sold them to my friends and co-workers at the restaurant I worked at.


(This is an example of one of the boxes I made that I still have full of old notes, letters, and photos.)

I guess I always knew I would go into business with my creations. It was just a matter of finding a medium that I could focus on, fall in love with, and that people would be drawn to purchase. In college I had a hard time parting with my artwork. Each painting or drawing became like a baby to me, and it was a real struggle sell it. But about 12 years ago I tried printmaking, and since the process allowed me to make multiples it seemed like a good fit. I have always loved its graphic qualities and black contours, and by adding bright watercolors, my prints seemed to speak to others as well. I fell in love with method and I don’t foresee myself tiring of it for a very long time.

To create my original prints, I begin with a drawing, which I transfer onto a linoleum block in reverse using graphite transfer paper. I then carefully carve away all the negative space using knives and gouges, leaving only the raised image.


I then make an impression of the carving, by rolling a thin layer of black ink over the block.

rolling 1

I position a sheet of strong printing paper on top of it, and use hard, even pressure to transfer the ink onto the paper.

pressing 1

print 2

When the ink has dried, I hand paint each impression with high quality watercolor inks.

painting 1

I’m drawn to the crisp, black outline as I love how it makes my colors really pop. I like the graphic qualities of this process, and most of all I love that I can make multiples so that I can keep one for posterity – and let others enjoy the rest.

print 1

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