“Fresh” Lemonade & Cherries… yum – By Sarah the Printmaker

I was very fortunate to have time recently to work on new art! Here is a sneak peek at two of the new prints that I will be producing as Original Art & Reproductions, just in time for Christmas.

Late January 2015, L is for Lemonade & C is for Cherries will be available in my greeting card line as well.

Lemonade Sneak Peek

Lemonade Sneak Peek

I create my original linocuts by carving my drawing into a piece of linoleum. I then roll my carved block with ink and hand print the black outline onto strong printing paper. Once the ink has dried I bring the image to life by hand painting each print with professional watercolor inks. Since each original is painted by hand, the colors may vary slightly within the edition. Originals take some time to complete.

Cherry Sneak Peek

Cherry Sneak Peek

For more information & a look at my selection of completed original images, visit http://www.sarahangst.com.


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