Sarah the Printmaker: The VERY Beginning

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to create things. I remember when I was 6-years-old I invented a blanket that folded up to become a pillow. I was convinced that this was the next must have item for every household. As a young teen I began producing and selling papier maché covered keepsake boxes that I meticulously cut out of cardboard and assembled at the dining room table. Later, just before college, I had moved onto clothing. I sewed and sold funky bib-overalls using all kinds of unique and colorful upholstery fabrics and sold them to my friends and co-workers at the restaurant I worked at.


(This is an example of one of the boxes I made that I still have full of old notes, letters, and photos.)

I guess I always knew I would go into business with my creations. It was just a matter of finding a medium that I could focus on, fall in love with, and that people would be drawn to purchase. In college I had a hard time parting with my artwork. Each painting or drawing became like a baby to me, and it was a real struggle sell it. But about 12 years ago I tried printmaking, and since the process allowed me to make multiples it seemed like a good fit. I have always loved its graphic qualities and black contours, and by adding bright watercolors, my prints seemed to speak to others as well. I fell in love with method and I don’t foresee myself tiring of it for a very long time.

To create my original prints, I begin with a drawing, which I transfer onto a linoleum block in reverse using graphite transfer paper. I then carefully carve away all the negative space using knives and gouges, leaving only the raised image.


I then make an impression of the carving, by rolling a thin layer of black ink over the block.

rolling 1

I position a sheet of strong printing paper on top of it, and use hard, even pressure to transfer the ink onto the paper.

pressing 1

print 2

When the ink has dried, I hand paint each impression with high quality watercolor inks.

painting 1

I’m drawn to the crisp, black outline as I love how it makes my colors really pop. I like the graphic qualities of this process, and most of all I love that I can make multiples so that I can keep one for posterity – and let others enjoy the rest.

print 1


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  1. Rose Ford

    Congratulations on your new blog. Your sites always look so professional and the art just pops out. Rose

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